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GLAAD Hosts Gigantic Ad for "The New Normal" Disguised as an "Infographic"


I promised myself that I wouldn’t write about this dumb show, yet here we are:

So, what gives? Is GLAAD suggesting that we should just settle for a show that preaches intolerance for humor’s sake as much as it delivers self-congratulatory respect for non-traditional families? Or is GLAAD’s support of the show just another example of it giving attention to another series that probably doesn’t do much for the LGBT community other than perpetuate the same lame stereotypes we’ve seen on television for years? 

I think this is just symptomatic of problems with GLAAD (& HRC &…) in general. The big LGBT advocacy groups have largely failed to change with the times. GLAAD blindly promotes anything remotely gay-positive shouldn’t come as a shock at this point. The New Normal is offensive on so many levels! But not, apparently, to 50 year old rich white gay men. Ryan Murphy is a former honoree and probably a major donor. (Interwubs: where can you find this out? I tried and failed.)

I’m sure everyone is tempted to troll Ryan Murphy about the show. And that’s right and good and let’s all pile on in the A/V Club comments and Television Without Pity. But in the end it’s not at all surprising to me that a sitcom doesn’t have great politics. It’s really the GLAAD endorsement that makes me angry, ten years after I started thinking that NGOs like them didn’t represent the interests of my generation very well.

The sad thing is that there’s still work to be done in this field. I just haven’t seen any evidence that the folks running GLAAD can do it.